Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i am less snappy nowadays. no idea why but its kinda sad for the blog sake, since its a scroll of images since i had it changed some time last year when i found that it was kinda tl;dr. but snapping everything that i've been through would be alot sadder - far worst than any generic liAnzXz blog. im sure it would be interesting for everyone that come round here, but shit, a snap for everything since i last blogged, would be a scrollfullfuck of images per post.


le matt's roflcopter script. click to zoom
phillipines art

new mambo kakis

sandy, jun kai and vanessa
sandy spraying that orange flash at me.
the jeffman

anatomy painting and drawings

the sketch for perspective study. did this with together with shirley khng yaww

helmet head
ya, thats rui drunk alongside with his homie, jestyn, which looked like a cambodian hood rat kid from the movie gran torino.
his table that he insist that i highlight if i were to cover that night.

after ther beer and martell mix

other wednesday night.
jeff's birthday. thats him with an old sage in zouk.
lovely spread of succulent fried fingerfood
clayrene and the lovely zing with the shiny nasal ring
she kinda like rented the entire telok blangah hill. which suits for large occasions like weddings and shit.
the entire hill
me and my nigger shane, had to manually climb up the stairs which seemed to look like it was built by thousands of local bricklayers during the post-colonial era over some decades. now, building that would take a couple of months with only 7 bangla workers powered by hokkien taskmasters and heavy machinerys.
the fortress view. the venue's at the banyan tree at the top.

house party over in the studio. the CAWCKMEAT SANDWICH PARTY!
thats me in the rapples and smoking that fat cigar.

thats grace covering her face cos shes red as shit

thats max. if you ignore the scale in this image, it looks like nat's about to shove a guitar into her 'gina.

thats ju slamming the communal sofa. which everybody knows, the year 3's couch for sex. it turned yellow over the years of jizz and sweat of intercourses dating back through the fine art alumnis of the 90's.
thats francesca drunk out of her tits.
she said something along the line like, ' oh, alcohol evaporates, so im like doing this so that it would transfer like up to my legs instead of my brainz.
nat came and brought the sauza
jr drank on knifepiont
sara chow
thats not sandwich in max's mouth. thats pre drunk vomit in action. only cos i had this still taken in national geographic level photography.
the pen knife was really multifunctional that night. it helped spread the butter, cut the lettuces and tomato, wrist slitting, 'cutting the deal' with the cold storage cashier and more..
nat again.
the alcohol for the night.
the vehicles parked outside.o
post apocalyptic. fuck this should be like my 'unfinished breakfast' painting model.

ju with the CLIT. chicken, lettuce, tomato.
JR with the triple deck
janna being a yardie
peanutbutter and ham and jam an cheese and tomatoes and chips. damn francescaa..
insert sexy word
tripple deck


setting up
the knife
then the swapping of paintings back to its former glory

ookkaayyy i will update a better one within a week i promise. some long shit that you guys would enjoy. sorry for those who waited with bated breath for this. i can help you master it. huhuh.
right. brb